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Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. – Theorode Levitt

Our Philosophy

We are driven to help our clients succeed. In every interaction and with every solution, we act in our clients’ best interests.

Our Strategy

We admit our mistakes and learn from them. We actively seek feedback from those we serve and use it to eliminate errors, provide better service, and enhance quality.

Our Business Logic

When you get one of us, you get all of us. We bring innovative solutions and advice to our clients by working across boundaries of business, geography and function.


Jaromír Frič


Tomáš Topinka


Aleš Mikulec


What we have achieved with eCTD Submission Manager

eCTD Submission Manager project was a huge achievement for our team, working everyday with the same passion of the first day. Today eCTD Submission Manager is ready with all the difficulties during the road, we have finished it.

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